Are Massage Chairs As Good As the Real Thing?

Are Massage Chairs As Good As the Real Thing?

Have you ever wondered at the expense of regular massage from a massage therapist and if you have added everything, it may be cheaper to buy a massage chair? How about when you want a massage but the therapist is booked or unavailable? This article discusses whether massage chairs are as good as the real thing and weigh the evidence.

First of all, I speak from the experience in this article as I have both put on massage chairs and I have also received proper massage treatments from a professional massage therapist. To add this experience, Im really a qualified massage therapist so I can have a bit of bias there but I will do my best to present the benefits of both, so you can do the best for you.

First of all, we can talk about costs. It is considered a good practice in the massage therapy world for customers to get treatment each week. With prices of massage treatments ranging from £ 25GBP to £ 60GBP currently in the UK this can increase to over 240GBP per month. There is also the cost of gasoline connection to the lounge or massage studio. Lets round up to £ 250GBP per month as a maximum.

The cheapest massage therapy chair is currently around 500 hundred yards for one that only has vibrating pads in the back. There are a wide range of more advanced massage chairs in the market and some of the most expensive brands include Sanyo, Sterling, Keyton and Inada. Some of these models amount to £ 4500 GBP but have many premium features like body scanning, vintage, stretching and kneading. The lower legs are generally processed using air-filled pillows that rhythmically blow up to clamp the calves and thighs.

If you choose any intermediate level of £ 2500GBP, then after 10 months you have paid the same as seeing a professional massage therapist. So to summarize, there is a higher initial expense for a massage chair but over time, because they are well-built and should be good a few years, it is cheaper to see a massage therapist personally.

The next aspect to talk about is the fact that a professional relationship between client and massage therapist can provide some benefits that are unknown to a machine. Personal space and time to listen carefully to the customer, to encourage and accept them as they go about their lives. There is an interpersonal dimension to this relationship that can not be duplicated by a massage chair. The closest thing you can get would be to set up two massage chairs and invite a friend or partner to join you so that you both had a treatment at the same time and would be free to discuss it or anything else you wish. This would then go somewhere to meet the personal human aspect lacking in a solo treatment from a purely motorized furniture.

The advantage of a chair over a therapist is that the chair does not have a bad day, never puts your back out or is booked or unavailable when you want your treatment to start. So the chair wins hands down for availability and longevity as well. A massage therapist can work for half an hour or an hour or more but a massage chair would work for how long you wanted it.

Important benefit is the movement of lymph and other fluids in the body. The lymph removes and cleans toxic material from your cells. Regular massage treatments help move this fluid and flush it out of the body. Regular flushing of toxins is important to keep your body in good health.

Massage treatment is known to increase muscle tone. This helps to build muscles and aids in your ability to control or lose weight. If your muscles are strong, your muscles will burn more calories. This allows you to perform various activities to maintain your health.

There is some research that suggests that massage therapies can contribute to loss of fat. The penetration of massage into the soft tissue is believed to burst the fat capsule. When the fat capsule is blown it can be more easily absorbed and removed from the body.

Increasing the level of your metabolism is important for losing weight. A higher metabolism helps your body to more easily perform its normal processes. Receiving periodic massage chair treatments helps to increase blood and fluid flow in the body. Blood flow in particular is important to improve your metabolism.

In summary, there are advantages and disadvantages on both sides so Ill leave it to you to find out by trying both methods and see which one fits your specific requirements and budget.

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