Massage Chair Review of the Omega M2 Orion Massage Chair Recliner

Massage Chair Review of the Omega M2 Orion Massage Chair Recliner

We know how important it is to find good information about a particular product. We have developed a systematic and comprehensive review process for massage chairs to help take advantage of the process. Our system consists of a 5categorical system for evaluating a massage chair. Each category has the same weight and the value of each category is between 0 and 20 points. All grades in each category are added to give an overall rating. Our categories include warranty and customer service, comfort ergonomics, ease of use, features and massage therapy. This systematic approach forces us into a disciplined method of evaluating a massage chair to help guide anyone looking at massage chairs. In this review, we evaluate the Omega M2 Orion Massage Chair which is in the price range of $ 1,500 and below.

Warranty & Customer Care: Warranty and customer service comes from the manufacturer who manufactures the massage chair. Warranty is important as it protects the customer in performing the product. The other side is customer service. Customer service must solve any problems you may have. With M2 Orion, Omega Massage covers 1 year on the frame, 6 months on parts and 6 months of work and shipping for 6 months. Omega offers a comprehensive warranty and exceeds the other manufacturers in this category. With M2 Orion, Omega provides a strong warranty coverage. On the customer service page, Omega is generally responsive and competent with fast circulation times when problems arise. M2 Orion is an 18 in warranty and customer.

Comfort & Ergonomics: Comfort and ergonomics help relax. In a massage chair the body should fit well in the chair and should be comforting to the body. Orion has a plush shroud and a large rectangular shoulder pad. The back piece is good, but the other pillow is too wide and maybe too thin. The chair otherwise fits comfortably. The curved armrests are very comfortable and the chair can be adjusted from 115 degrees to 170 degrees. Another plus is the leg support is extendable an extra 4 inches. The paddle mechanism in the calf massage is effective and can be placed for maximum effect. The manual levers are quite intuitive in their position. Our rating in this category is 17.

East of Use: How easy and intuitive is the use of a particular product is another important area. Products must be designed with the user in mind. M2 Orion shiatsu massage has quite simple controls. Simply press the main power and select the automatic massage to enjoy a massage. The M2 comes with manual controls for backrests and footrests. The backrest and footrest is attached to a manual piston which, when released, raises the footrest or lifts the chair back. M2 makes it heavy for you. The remote control has 3 automatic programs and 3 manual programs with 3 back courses. The remote control also controls calf massage, seat vibration and saddle massage. Omega creates a chair with features in a higher end massage chair and still provides an easily accessible lounge chair. Our rating in this category is 19.

Key Features: The features that distinguish one massage chair from another are reviewed in the Key Features category. Orion Massage Chair has a Hawaiian massage that provides a fluid swinging movement. The swinging massage movement is performed by the rear rollers and provides good back cover. The M2 comes with an eight massage head system built into the seat for the buttocks and thighs. The massage heads are located on a rotating mount and provide thorough therapeutic relief. Choose between 3 levels of massage intensities. In addition, there are also vibrations for the seat. Vibration helps stimulate capillary vessels to increase blood flow. This is a well thought out massage chair for its price range. The total rating for Omega M2 Orion for features is 18.

Massage Therapy: The massage chair needs to provide effective massage therapy functions. Omega M2 Orion has 3 automatic time massages ranging from 5, 10 and 15 minutes. There are 3 manual massage with 3 back courses. The manual massage techniques are knee, swing and finger press and have good strength. Select the speed of manual massage has 3 levels to suit your individual needs. The seat massage has 8 rotating massage heads and a seat vibration system. The intensity level can be adjusted to 3 settings. The paddle system in the calf massage can be placed on the thighs, knees and calves with extendable footrests. There is a strong combination of effective massage therapies for the entire body. Overall rating for Omega M2 Orion massage chair for massage treatment is 18.

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